• What is a good way to get ideas for writing a movie script?

     What is a good way to get ideas for writing a movie script? 

    Would you like to write a screenplay and have an absolutely great idea and concept in your head? If so, then I bet you'd like a little help with it. Now, there are specialists who will help you turn your story into a screenplay, but they are not cheap at all, and even so, out of the 50,000 registered screenplays per year very few ever get made into movies. But, that doesn't mean you should be deterred if you have something great. In fact, let me recommend a very good book to you to help you get started right away.

    Teach Yourself Screenwriting (Teach Yourself Creative Writing) by Ray Frensham (2003-03-01)
    Teach Yourself Screenwriting (Teach Yourself Creative Writing) by Ray Frensham (2003-03-01)

    Before you start a screenplay or spend the time to write it you must decide if this will be an original for film, adapted for film, and there is also a big difference between a television program and a full movie studio on-location production. It matters very much. TV scripts are much different. In the book, Ray explains all the notations that are needed for every scene to help the cameraman and the people setting up the scene at the studio. He suggests that far too many writers do not understand this and screw up this part.

    After reading this screenwriting book and understanding how difficult it is, it occurred to me that the next time I write a screenplay I'm going to have a friend who's in the movie business read it with me, and help me set up these scenes so that the screenplay comes out correct. Frensham suggests all the different camera instructions, and initials you can use in your screenplay to help direct beach scenes in your screenplay.

    He has several sections on how to actually write the screenplay, how to build the characters making sure that you yourself believe in them and that they are believable, and suggest that you meet them in your mind and get to know them. It is quite obvious that the gentleman who wrote this book is a total expert in the field and when you read the book you understand what I'm talking about.

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