• How to Create Interesting YouTube Videos

    How to Create Interesting YouTube Videos


    Releasing good material is vital in growing your YouTube following. No matter how hard you push any of the other elements, if the material you are releasing is not appealing you will never gain a large number of subscribers.

    The best way to make appealing videos is by being consistent in what you film, and the way in which you present it. By having  similar style of editing on each video, the material released almost becomes like a series, and in return the shows material becomes better.

    How you deliver your video is obviously paramount. The video doesn't have to be professionally shot but does have to somehow hold the users attention. Whether this is via props or animated elements on top of the video, you need to keep the user stimulated.

    Topic Selection and the description of the chosen topic is what will determine whether or not you're videos are clicked upon and shared. The heading of the video is extremely important. Make it as punchy and attention grabbing as possible.

    The topics that you talk about need to be interesting so that the viewer is listening intently, and it's also useful if they can be illustrated onscreen with little cartoons which will entertain the viewer and offer something different than plain talking.

    When talking in a video, you also need to be careful how much detail you go into. If the topic warrants a lot of explanation then try and split the video up into 3 or 4 shorter videos rather than 1 long one.

    "Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.

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